That has become increasingly clear in countries such as Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom, where fearsome “variants of concern” have emerged, possessing the ability to spread more efficiently or evade aspects of the immune response.

Source: Variants mean the coronavirus is here to stay — but perhaps as a lesser threat – The Washington Post

Remember, I am a brain injured idiot that makes observations and ask stupid questions. This is probably a stupid question.

The above article tells us to be scared about new variants.

This graph shows the daily change in new cases – which peaked in early November. The disease in the U.S. began slowing down – and shortly thereafter, daily new cases began falling. As of today, daily cases have fallen by over 60% in the past month.

Let’s look at ground zero: South Africa, Brazil and the UK – home to the variants. Cases have been falling there too.

The countries harboring these “highly transmissible variants” are all in decline and the first two, in very sharp decline.

Is this stuff about variants excessive hype?

By EdwardM