Update Feb 4th. And the committee is holding another secret meeting. There will be no public agenda, notes or video and no public access. When these meetings began, OHA stated these were considered Public Meetings and would comply with Oregon’s Public Meetings law. Perhaps by violating State law, OHA will end up able to legally ignore the recommendations if they wish.

Oregon has an open meetings law on the books; this is unlikely to be legal:

Oregon’s coronavirus vaccine equity group is to meet in secret Tuesday to evaluate the group’s work over the last month after the state shut down public access following weeks’ of open meetings.

Source: Oregon blocks public access to vaccine equity group’s meeting – oregonlive.com

This is the way. Secret government. Secret data. Secret meetings. They won’t even say what is on the agenda.

And we are supposed to trust secret management of epidemics?

The Advisory Committee has been a clown shown from meeting #1.

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