Will make an announcement later as to how the passport might also be used for activities other than travel (festivals, events, concerts):

Denmark’s government is developing a digital passport that would show whether people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus

Source: Denmark to develop digital passport proving vaccinations – ABC News

While there is much academic chatter about ethical issues of vaccine passports, they will happen anyway. Businesses – and their employees – are struggling – plus the vaccine privileged want to get on with life. The pressure to adopt immunity passports is already large and growing.

Meanwhile the Common Project vaccine passport (supported by WHO and an industrial consortia) is under test:

Discussions are ongoing with the U.S., Japan and Singapore respectively to use the passports specifically around upcoming national events, although the non-profit hopes to expand its passport to many other countries in the near future.

This effort would track each traveler’s vaccination record. This could become expensive for some of us, particularly those of us who had measles, mumps and chicken pox as children – and for which there is now no medical records, and there were definitely not “lab test confirmed diagnoses” in those days. Testing to confirm past diagnoses can cost hundreds of $s for each test.

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