Predictable: Hospitals give out vaccines to the favored

Oh to be among the vaccine privileged:

But many hospitals interpreted the recommendation broadly, inoculating their entire staff — public relations departments, administrators, programmers, laboratory scientists and, sometimes, their boards. They offered vaccines to psychiatrists who were seeing their patients on Zoom. They vaccinated radiologists who were reading films at home. Some of those immunized were at the upper end of the medical income totem pole, people who had sat out the pandemic at country homes.

Source: Wealthy, powerful are jumping the COVID-19 vaccine line and here’s why that matters: Commentary –

Hospital administrators’ behavior has been appalling. Stanford prioritized administrators before front line ER doctors. Overlake Medical Center offered a front place in line to those who had donated $10,000 or more to the hospital. Good Samaritan Hospital did a quid pro quo with a local school district, signing up teachers way in advance of when they were authorized to be vaccinated. This has gone on all across the country.