Dr. Stephen Hoge, president of American biotechnolgy company Moderna, said he’s hopeful that vaccines can help the U.S. population achieve herd immunity against the novel coronavirus by mid-year.

Source: COVID-19 live updates: Moderna president hopeful for herd immunity by mid-year – ABC News

Note “herd immunity” does not mean Covid-19 is gone. It means that the R-0 value is declining as there are fewer and fewer targets for the virus to use as effective hosts. HI is also influenced by other mitigation measures; if we all wore hazmat suits, R-0 would fall rapidly, for example. The vaccines and natural immunity appear to be mostly effective against current variants so that variants may not have much impact on this trajectory.

Seems likely the pandemic will be considered “under control” within a few months – but restrictions will remain in place until near the end of 2021. Because.

I’ve posted similar suggestions. But I am a brain injured idiot with no health care experience. I make observations and ask stupid questions.

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