It’s political: Why gloom and doom, fear mongering covid-19 announcements?

Look at any news right now and you’ll see stories about “new variants”, “variant are here”, “CDC imposes new restrictions”, more travel restrictions and on and on.

It’s all doom and gloom and fear mongering – even though there is a lot of great news right now.

Why all this doom and gloom? Politics. Will get to that at the end of this post.


  • Johnson and Johnson vaccine results are good and says they could be shipping by March, Their CEO says the U.S. will have enough vaccine doses for everyone by June.
  • Novavax announced good trial results and may seek an accelerated approval perhaps also shipping in March or April, well ahead of what was previously expected.
  • AstraZeneca is wrapping up a repeated trial of their vaccine for regulators. Word is now they may be applying for EUA within weeks, sooner than expected.
  • Pfizer moved up doses for 100M people from July 31 to May 31st.

All great news!

Case counts dropping, hospitalizations dropping like a rock

U.S. hospitalizations are plummeting. If this rate continues, by mid-February, hospitalized Covid-19 cases will be half of what they were just 3 weeks ago. This is amazing!

Daily New Positive Tests are also down by a lot (this measure varies a lot)

Deaths are likely flat topping. For reasons I won’t explain here, I believe deaths peaked 3-4 weeks ago. The reports coming out now are reporting on and catching up on many deaths that occurred weeks ago. I confirmed this was occurring in my state. Due to the reporting delays, this curve may be about to turn down too.

Southern California has been covered intensely by the media due to high case loads. But look what happened to their death reports?

Also in Los Angeles, hospitalizations are headed down and have been for weeks.

Why the Gloom and Doom?

If you want to push through a $1.9 Trillion “Covid-19 Stimulus” bill – you need the emergency to still exits!

If the pandemic is collapsing, the political dynamics to support a $1.9 trillion printed money expenditure will not be strong.

Thus, we must keep fear high!

  • Covid is out of control and getting worse (have seen comments on social media that its getting worse!)
  • If the public notices counts are plummeting, we can keep fear levels high by shouting about “variants” as if they are a huge mystery that must be far worse (sure, they could be, but that is not real likely)
  • “We don’t know if the vaccines will work on the variants” (indications are they work pretty well)
  • The hilarious headline today that the virus is “learning” to evade vaccines. That’s now how viruses work!
  • If the positive trends continue (hopefully – I do not make predictions), then the pandemic is basically “under control” within a couple of months.
  • But we need to keep this quiet and keep every one in panic!

Once the legislation is passed, the tone on Covid-19 will change overnight from fear and panic to – hope and elation that it’s finally under control.

In other words, all the fear and panic is created right now to push legislation.

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