Vaccine re-allocations

I’ve written about the pressure for countries to re-distribute their vaccines to other countries. Yesterday, WHO asked the U.K. to temporarily suspend its vaccination programs once the “essential” important people are vaccinated.

Meanwhile, there’s a smaller scale, local re-distribution effort underway. Nearly half of the counties in my state are temporarily cut off from further vaccine distribution so their doses may be re-distributed to the Portland metro area.

Supposedly this has to do with insufficient phase 1a recipients having been vaccinated in the metro area (possibly due to ineptness of the vaccine rollout – or perhaps because vaccines are being given to administrators, hospital financial donors, Board members and their families and other elite – ahead of health care workers). The State says some of the counties being cut off had completed their phase 1a vaccinations. Rather than let them continue on to phase 1b, the state is halting or slowing further vaccinations in half of the counties in the state (some counties still have doses in inventory).