Nationwide, teachers lobbied to be first in line for Covid-19 vaccinations and now refuse to re-open schools

A choice to vaccinate teachers early was a choice to not vaccinate someone else:

Educators have lobbied to be prioritized for the Covid-19 vaccine, but they’ve also made the ethically questionable call to continue to wait to reopen.

Source: If Teachers Are Vaccinated, Schools Should Reopen | WIRED

Pandemic policies – exposing the rot in many American institutions, one by one ….


Teachers are using a bogus argument not to teach in classrooms.

Teachers are concerned that, even vaccinated, they could spread the virus, potentially infecting any vulnerable people they live with or care for,

That same argument applies to health care workers, grocery store workers, literally every one fortunate enough to have a job. In other words, this is a stupid and illogical argument.

Teachers are arguing we remain in lock down forever, locked up under house arrest while they take their exotic travel vacations. In some areas, they have said schools must not re-open until there are zero cases – or literally, never re-open.

Update: About half of millennials think it is fine to party on and do not worry about getting Covid-19. Which explains the selfies of young teachers vacationing in exotic international locations while the rest of us continue to rot away inside our homes.