CDC flip flops: CDC says bandanas, scarves no longer work

The CDC issued a new Order mandating face masks on all public transport. It is superfluous as most states had already done the same, and airlines have required masks since mid-2021.

But buried in the Order is the CDC no longer allows bandanas or scarves as face coverings on public transport.

Source: CDC issues rule requiring travelers to wear face masks – POLITICO

CDC is now researching if they should recommend “double masks”.

The CDC is acknowledging, together with Austria, Germany, France and the White House, that cloth face masks never worked well, or possibly at all (case counts generally increased by 10x to 20x after high compliance cloth face mask mandates went in to effect).

Past scientific evidence showed cloth face masks were ineffective against influenza.

Austria, Germany and the White House now mandate N95 equivalent masks exclusively. France wants everyone to use a medical grade mask (surgical or N95-type). WHO wants everyone age 60 or older, and anyone with underlying health conditions to only use certified medical grade masks now.

Public health has flip flopped so many times that it is apparent they never had good evidence to support their recommendations. Their track record is very poor, which leads to everyone ignoring them.