Tally of official cloth mask deniers grows

The list of cloth mask deniers keeps growing:

  • Germany mandates FP2 (N95) masks only.
  • Austria mandates FP2 type masks only
  • The White House mandates N95 masks only
  • France mandates surgical or N95-type masks, urges people to stop using cloth masks
  • Fauci says we should wear “two masks”
  • World Health Organization recommends medical grade masks for all those age 60+ or with underlying conditions.

Source: Some European Countries Move To Require Medical-Grade Masks In Public : Coronavirus Updates : NPR

New variants are the cover for the sudden cloth mask denial. They’ve watched the last 8-10 months and saw cases exploded by 10 to 20x more AFTER mandating cloth masks and recognized that cloth masks did not work. But they cannot admit that.


“Such a change in the recommendations concerning a practice with which the entire population had managed to become familiar risks creating misunderstanding and reviving doubts about the validity of the official recommendations,” the National Academy wrote.

A clown show, in other words.