Good news: Biden targets fall for return to near normal life

The lack of an exit strategy has been an ongoing and colossal failure of public health epidemic management.

When lock down 1.0 began, there was no indication of metrics for re-opening. Nothing. Consequently, people lost hope – unless they still clung to public health’s fabulous “15 days to flatten the curve” lie.

Ironically, last year’s WHO sponsored “World Health Day” and the 2020 focus was “hope” as a critically important component to public health. A “hope” that public health itself failed to deliver due to incompetent public health leadership.

It was not necessary to give a date for there to be “hope” – but it was however necessary to specify a plan and explain the process, and to explain that all pandemics eventually end. Public health failed and deserves a grade of F for this mismanagement.

This announcement, below, is good news – the White House has set stretch goals of 150 M vaccine doses in 100 days (up from 100 M doses), has negotiated contracts for 200M more doses this summer (all are two-doses per person) and is targeting sufficient vaccines for 300M available by sometime in the summer.

The logistics of administering this many vaccinations still pushes this out to Fall of 2021.

However, this is what public health leadership (an oxymoron) should have been pushing on months and months and months ago.

President Joe Biden’s pledge that there will be sufficient vaccines for 300 million Americans by the end of summer represents a bold and politically risky response to criticism his pandemic plan lacks ambition.

Source: President Biden sets bold timeline for a return to normal life