Predictable: Hospital gave unauthorized vaccines as a quid pro quo

If you want to be vaccinated, a little bribery never hurts:

According to investigative news outlet San Jose Spotlight, Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos offered district Superintendent Paul Johnson and staff the vaccine as a “gesture” of kindness after the district raised funds for a program to provide frontline workers meals.

Source: Bay Area hospital won’t receive COVID vaccine after teachers given doses before frontliners, elderly

(Also see original source   SF Bay Area hospital cut off from further vaccines after engaging in a “pay to play” scheme to vaccinate school staff engaged in perjury)

“quid pro quo” is interpreted as “something for something”, often a bribe to get something.

But this tells you a lot about the ethics of the people in this school district:

Teachers, per the email, were told to impersonate health care workers despite the threat of perjury — with the approval of COO Gary Purushotham — in order to obtain access to the vaccine. “Remember to register under healthcare initially,” Johnson’s note read.

This fraud is likely going on around the country.

Public health has descended into a clown show. Or may be that’s all it ever was.

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