Fauci acknowledges “1 million doses per day for 100 days” is half that many people

Those 100 million injections will cover about 67 million people, Fauci said, some of whom will have received the required two doses while others will have received only one dose. So far, the U.S. has administered nearly 22 million doses, far below federal targets.

Source: CDC director: Government does not know how much Covid vaccine the U.S. has

The public health epidemic clown show continues. We’ve gone from a December survey that most Americans thought they’d get vaccinated within 3 months, to “100 million in 100 days”, to 67 million total in 100 days…

Yes, Trump was a buffoon. But his incompetence mostly acted as a cover for public health epidemic management incompetence.

Am thinking (joking) that we should have turned this over to say, Amazon. You’d place an online order, someone would deliver the shot in your arm 48 hours later, and then you’d get a text message saying your shot had been delivered.