The coronavirus pandemic in the United States has raged almost uncontrollably for so long that now, even if millions of people are vaccinated, millions more will still be infected and become ill, unless people continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing measures until midsummer or later, according to a new model by scientists at Columbia University.

Source: Covid-19 Live Updates: Biden Officials Confront U.S. Vaccination Woes – The New York Times

That’s because face masks – now doubled! (or tripled even better?) – have been the single most important factor to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

Reminder: I am an idiot who has no health care experience. I make observations and ask stupid questions. Covid-19 is a real disease, infecting too many people, too easily, hospitalizing too many and killing too many. Covid-19 is not a hoax. (I recently learned that if you point out obvious inconsistencies in public health directives or data, this means you must be a “Covid-19 denier”. Geesh. I have never denied Covid-19, ever.)

By EdwardM