So the goal is to vaccinate just 50 million people in the first 100 days?

Update: This has since been confirmed by Fauci. This is “100 million doses” of 2-dose vaccines or 50 million people. Apparently, when combined with those already in the pipelines, he estimates that after 100 days, a total of 67 million will have been vaccinated. 100 million? Hah hah – fooled you! Just half that many!

On Saturday, the United States reported more than 1.3 million newly administered doses of coronavirus vaccines, the fifth day in a row the country has topped 1 million daily doses, according to data tracked by The Washington Post. That pace suggests the country already is on track to meet the Biden administration’s 100-day goal.

The target was criticized by some who said it was unrealistic when Biden announced it in December, but it now seems less ambitious due to better manufacturing certainty and a ramped-up inoculation pace in the last days of the Trump administration.

Source: Vaccine supply hinders expanding beyond 100 million shots goal, Biden health official says

In this time frame, its a two dose vaccine – to achieve 100 million PEOPLE we need 2 million doses per day not 1 million!

Think we will eventually get to 2-3 million doses per day (should aim for 4 million) but sadly, so many can’t figure this out.

I covered the vaccine rollout back in December.