And just like that, Los Angeles County has a pseudo vaccine passport now

Under intense pressure from the vaccine privileged, vaccine passports will be launched and used, at least by business, very soon.

Iceland and Hungary already have a “lite” version; Denmark announced it will be launching one in early 2021. The International Air Transport Association has one in Beta test and said it may be launched in March.

The head of one of the standards groups said “vaccine passports will be launched within weeks not months”.

It’s not just for travel. Denmark says they expect theirs to be used by Event/festival/concert organizers. Every event organizer, and possibly including museums, private travel, etc, will do this because of liability so they can open.

Businesses and the vaccine privileged who want to get on with life are already pressuring organizations to make this happen.

And those who may not be eligible to receive a vaccine until the end of 2021 or later become 2nd class citizens cut off from society.

And just like that, Los Angeles County has a pseudo vaccine passport, although it is not yet clear where you might use it.

Source: Covid vaccine passports: Airlines, tech giants have competing plans