Oregon says will not be able to have vaccinated all seniors/educators until early May

Source: Oregon reports 877 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 22 new deaths and OHA corrects slide shown at press event today

In addition to educator and elder citizens, phase 1b also includes a set of “essential workers”. This group has not yet been defined for Oregon. It is also unclear if phase 1c will start early and overlap with phase 1b. Phase 1b is overlapping with 1a here as the teachers become eligible on Monday.

At the national level, the CDC’s definition for phase 1b included 30 million workers. CDC originally included age 75+ in 1b but many states have expanded that to include age 65+. Phase 1 c, by the CDC’s estimate, added 129 million more people to the prioritized lists – this is the largest segment designated so far.

Thus phase 1c might begin in mid-May and extend well into the summer, at least.

The general population not in a prioritized group is now likely out to the Fall of 2021 (that is the official word for my state).