U.S. will rejoin WHO and join Covax vaccine program

Not sure what this means in a practical sense. As noted several times, my expectation is that once the “elite” of the U.S. are vaccinated, the U.S. will then divert part of our vaccine supply to other nations.

As of today, California says they are tracking to vaccinate all 65+ year olds by June, and then move on to the next prioritized groups (1c) after that. That means 1c starts in summer and Phase 2 after that.

My state’s public health Director said 2 weeks ago the general public is not likely to wait in line until the Fall of 2021. Based on California’s announcement, that seems likely. Unless we can vaccinate many millions per day, it will take until the end of the year.

The U.S. has not announced details of what joining Covax means. Does this mean providing funding? Or does it mean the U.S. will divert its doses once the “elite” and “essential” people are vaccinated? We do not know.


And just like that … a global alliance of well known non-profits says

“Most importantly,” he added, “the Biden administration must lead international efforts to prioritize vaccine distribution for those most at risk, regardless of the country they live in. We urge the administration to implement a human rights-centered approach to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Once the elites are vaccinated in the U.S. the pressure will be intense to move doses destined for the U.S. to other countries, while forcing the rest of us to the back of the line (even when our tax money paid for the development, manufacture and distribution of those vaccines).

Of interest, the richer nations have the highest per capita mortality – thus, if this scheme to prioritize by risk were to be implemented, the vaccines will still go mostly to the richer nations. Watch for creative new definitions of “risk” in order to avoid that.

Well, that didn’t take long. Distribution, say academics, should prioritize by mortality risk, then by socioeconomic factors including gross national income and poverty levels. (All of the authors work in teaching positions or health care positions or high level government positions, which are prioritized for early vaccinations – once the elites are vaccinated they will urge redistribution of vaccines to elsewhere. This is rather obvious.)

You can see where this pressure is going. It will also be tied into the public pressure from the vaccine privileged to get on with life through vaccine passports. In fact, one vaccine passport consortia suggests vaccine passports could be required in some situations – in just a manner of weeks from now.