COVID-19: Guidance for School Operation during the Pandemic

And just like that, on January 21, 2021, a major report from Canada concludes we need to “reduce the fear and anxiety” created by public health itself:

The rationale for the recommendations outlined in this document should be clearly articulated in order to help reduce the fear and anxiety in parents and children/youth

Source: COVID-19: Guidance for School Operation during the Pandemic

This report also notices the false positive elephant that’s been hiding in plain sight for months:

  • Targeted large-scale one-time surveillance (i.e., point prevalence) programs for presymptomatic or asymptomatic children are not generally recommended.

  • Targeted surveillance may be reasonable in situations where the pre-test probability of SARS-CoV-2 infection is higher (as this will increase the yield and help preserve testing capacity).

    • Low prevalence setting: no asymptomatic surveillance recommended.

    • Moderate to high prevalence settings and in schools with outbreaks identified: surveillance testing can be considered in discussion with local public health unit, taking into consideration the potential benefits and negative consequences (outlined in considerations below).

What is so special about January 20th -21, 2021? Beats me.

But in the past two days:

  • WHO says RT-PCR testing has a false positive problem
  • Canada says testing has a false positive problem when used for mass screening in schools
  • Canada says we need to scale back the fear and anxiety
  • Imperial College London issues a pre-print report saying lock downs do not work
  • BBC – Lockdowns caused people to avoid seeking critical health care (like heart attacks) which will lead to excess deaths
  • France says cloth face masks do not work and recommends everyone use certified surgical masks.
  • The White House bans cloth face masks and mandates certified N95 masks.
  • Michigan announces re-opening of restaurants. These reductions in restrictions are widespread across the country, being done in spite of not meeting the metrics they said were required to reduce restrictions and there are accusations they were done for political purposes.
  • Week before Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announces they will soon re-open restaurants and NY Governor Cuomo says they will be re-opening businesses or there will not anything left to re-open.
  • (Update) On Jan 25, California announces it will start re-opening immediately, even though they project they are 4 weeks away from meeting their previously set metrics for re-opening.
  • CNN – Vaccines may not work on variants to (January 20th) vaccines work

So odd that these came out on Jan 20-21, 2021. Can’t think of a single reason for this coincidence.