As vaccine rollouts remain in disarray, many of us will not be vaccinated until after the pandemic is over

Officially, my state says I cannot be vaccinated until Fall of 2021. That’s the official word from the state’s public health director.

At the actual pace of vaccine delivery so far, early 2022 is the more likely date of vaccination for me.

By the time I am eligible for vaccination, the pandemic will have been long since over with – having ended on its own, as most pandemics have done.

Our “lockdowns” of civilian populations delayed the inevitable. Everywhere that had did well, and was said to be “doing everything right” later ended up with a bad situation. Look at California – what happened there has happened across the country and around the world.

All we did with our public health mitigations and life restrictions has been to prolong the pandemic.

For most of us without vaccine privilege, this pandemic will likely end, as most have previously done, on its own, through natural immunity and natural herd immunity effects.

Vaccinating everyone is a better way to end a pandemic as it avoids so much serious illness and mortality. But this approach – even doing vaccines faster than ever before in history – is failing.

History will not look kindly on public health in 2020 and 2021.

I am an idiot with no health care experience. I make observations and ask stupid questions. My comments are for entertainment only.