Vaccine privilege: Group of tech and health firms advance vaccine passport standards

Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Cerner, Epic Systems, the Mitre Corporation and Mayo Clinic are working together to define a “vaccine passport” (aka immunity passport).

Source: Covid Vaccine Digital Credentials See Interest From Microsoft, Salesforce – The New York Times

  • As mentioned here many times, Denmark says they will launch a vaccine passport in early 2021 to be used for travel and entrance to events, festivals and concerts, museums, even to schools and universities.
  • The UK government is launching a trial run of a vaccine passport app beginning this week. The trial will enlist thousands of the vaccine privileged. The UK government denied it was involved in vaccine passports while simultaneously secretly funding its development. The trail will run into March.
  • Los Angeles has announced that eventually, Covid-19 vaccination will be mandatory to attend public school; if you do not or cannot, children will be required to use remote learning.
  • Iceland and Hungary are already using proof of Covid-19 or proof of antibodies as a form of vaccine passport.
  • United Airlines and JetBlue are currently trialing an early vaccine passport.
  • Expect to see vaccine passports launch and made mandatory by spring of 2021.

Numerous airlines, including Qantas Airlines have said they intend to use immunity passports as soon as mid-2021.

Vaccine passports may be launched well in advance of general availability of vaccinations, creating a two-class society – those with vaccine privilege and those without. Some are very concerned about this – noting its not just within national boundaries where the vaccine rollout may take a year – but also with regards to smaller and less rich nations that may not even start vaccination programs until 2022 and continue into 2023.