Predictable: “Florida’s Covid-19 Vaccines Draw Foreigners, Snowbirds”

The state allows vaccinating nonresidents, which rankles some; ‘it lowers the numbers of vaccines available to people here’

Source: Florida’s Covid-19 Vaccines Draw Foreigners, Snowbirds – WSJ

If you give this about 5 seconds thought, you also realize you cannot restrict who gets the vaccine.

There are many people – perhaps millions, and often the elderly – who live in RVs traveling around the country. They often have no fixed base home.

There are also a great many who live aboard boats – and have no fixed base home.

There are people who are working remotely on extended assignment- including a great many health care workers.

How would it make any sense to force them to travel back across the country to get vaccinated?

And what about people who own vacation homes they live in for many months of the year?

This issue was obvious last fall, but apparently not to the public health experts. This is what happens when public health operates in an insular fashion and does not seek public input to its Orders. They truly do not know what they are doing. Witness the vaccination fiasco.