Good news – This is Brilliant! Using Eventbrite’s platform to schedule vaccinations

Public health programs never planned ahead for scheduling vaccine appointments. Sigh. But Sarasota FL has a great solution!

The 34-year-old’s parents spend their winters in Siesta Key, Fla., part of Sarasota County, which is using Eventbrite Inc.’s ticketing platform to schedule vaccine appointments. The platform is familiar to Ms. Solovey, but not to some older people including her parents, who are in their 70s, she said. Her father was also using a first-generation iPad on a shaky wireless connection, making it hard to enter all the information required before the system timed him out.


We’re trying to get this vulnerable group vaccinated against a deadly virus and we’re doing it the same way that I got ‘Hamilton’ tickets at the Kennedy Center,” Ms. Solovey said.

Source: Health Officials Scramble to Provide Booking Systems for Covid-19 Vaccines – WSJ

This is brilliant. Watching vaccination fiasco unfold, I kept thinking this is a place where private industry excels. Glad to hear that Disneyland is setting mass vaccination clinic in SoCal – no one else in the world manages waiting in line better than Disney. And imagine what Amazon could have accomplished if anyone had asked them?

Retail pharmacies are now ramping up with online scheduling systems too.

Update: Many tech companies are stepping into to offer assistance.

State and local public health were never the right groups to handle this – they don’t have the technical skill nor resources. Even with many months to plan, they messed up. Glad to see businesses lending their expertise to get these vaccine programs ramped up.

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