Governor again does public health’s job for them

  • About 10 days ago, Governor Brown of Oregon ordered the state’s public health authority OHA, to ramp up to 12,000 doses of vaccine/day by end of this week – because OHA was averaging less than 3,000/day 3+ weeks into the distribution – and they largely shut down for Christmas and New Year’s long weekends.
  • Later in the week, she ordered the National Guard to begin distribution of vaccines in mass vaccination programs starting this week – because OHA hadn’t set up any mass vaccination prorams.
  • Today, she ordered that doses be given to anyone age 65 and older, plus teachers and staff starting this Saturday.

Meanwhile, OHA’s Director Pat Allen continues running his clown show vaccine Advisory Committee – a group that held its first meeting just last week (months late) and at their first meeting, could not agree that anyone be vaccinated!

I expect Pat Allen’s Advisory Committee will be overruled by the Governor too – we don’t have time for silly bureaucratic clowns to play their games.

Source: Clown show: “Oregon coronavirus vaccine equity group lists litany of systemic injustices, needs more information to endorse vaccines” | Coldstreams Business and Tech

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