Vaccination programs remain in disarray

The prioritization schemes have led to doses stored in freezers and other doses being thrown out. As time went on, the government has prioritized more and more subgroups into various “phases” and “tiers”, leading to confusion and scenarios where doses are stored in freezers rather than in people.

Each addition and distinction may seem reasonable, but the cost in delay and confusion is high. Covid vaccinations are proving more complicated than the flu shot. Out of an abundance of caution, some hospitals are requiring recipients to be tested for Covid first, and then wait 15 minutes after the vaccination to check for an allergic reaction. Applying the Phase B regulations will add to these delays. How does a person prove employment or a health condition? Must pharmacies turn away applicants who lack supporting documentation? With all these delays, summer could come and go before Phase B ends and the general public can finally be vaccinated.

Source: Vaccination by Age Is the Way to Go – WSJ