Even workers who are not qualified for vaccination are being vaccinated

Administrators and young graduate students have been inoculated at leading research hospitals, contrary to state and federal guidelines.

A 20-something who works on computers. A young researcher who studies cancer. Technicians in basic research labs.

Source: At Elite Medical Centers, Even Workers Who Don’t Qualify Are Vaccinated – The New York Times

Same thing at Stanford and at hospitals in my state too.

The ratio of those being vaccinated is 2:1 females to males while males die at higher rate from Covid-19:  for every 10 females who die, 13 males die.  In California, teachers are at the front of the line in Tier 1b but are now saying they will not return to the classroom after being vaccinated.

The vaccination programs are a mess.

Vaccine recipients in my state on January 10, 2021

This likely because 90% of RNs are female. The next cohort is school teachers. 90% of K-6 teachers ae female and 75% of K-12 are female. Add in certain elderly who are being vaccinated – due to age demographics and longevity privilege of women – and more females than males are vaccinated there too. This skewed ratio will likely continue well into March.