Doctor proposes lottery to determine who gets vaccine doses

Regarding the lottery concept, the idea put forth is to vaccinate everyone 55 and up. After that, use numbers from birthday or social with the states rolling out numbers every two weeks who is open to show up at CVS or Walgreens. Government data shows 92% of all deaths from COVID-19 occur in 55 and up.

“We have to come up with a simple system that appeals equitable. You want this issue to not be political. This is a health issue. You want the people to trust it,” Dr. Chin-Hong said. “It is a good, decent model and you aren’t doing something out of step with science. We already have people gaming the system, this would avoid that.”

Source: Bay Area doctor suggests using lottery system for COVID-19 vaccine | NewsNation Now

Yes, 92% of deaths are age 55 and up. Note that he – and other countries, have prioritized recipients by age groups down to age 50 and up,. But not the U.S. Our lowest age group is age 65. Because Reasons.

I’ll be 62 in 2021 and have two “moderate risks” (like exercise induced asthma) but in my state, I am in the last 10% to be eligible to wait in line because – reasons, they say. Reasons. Last spring, we were told that anyone above age 60 was “high risk” and should remain sequestered in our homes – but now, Reasons.

The odds of Covid death for age 60 and up, per an actuary table, are 24x higher than the combined risk of all persons below age 50 (excluding those below age 50 with underlying high risk health conditions). But we are last in line – because Reasons.

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