Vaccine privilege?

Vaccine privilege is becoming real.

Today, Denmark announced it will be launching a “vaccine passport” in early 2021 and expects that you will be required to use your immunity passport to board aircraft, enter other countries, to attend festivals, events and concerts.

Here in the U.S., I expect a third of the country to be vaccinated by end of June. That large block will put enormous pressure on businesses and government to deploy vaccine passports – so the vaccine privileged can get on with life. While the rest of us remain sequestered in exile.

This of course means denying access to those who have not been vaccinated, through no fault of their own. My state says it does not expect to start vaccinating the general population until the Fall of 2021.

Governments in the U.S. may not be able to legally impose these restrictions domestically – but can likely do so on international travel. Businesses are not prohibited from setting restrictions – its considered the same as “No shirt, no shoes, no service”.

Meanwhile, amidst this backgroup the vaccine privileged are inundating social media with photos of themselves getting vaccinated and boasting about it. Most are health care workers and I support their being first in line.

However, I noticed something odd about vaccine privilege – of the first 35 photos that appeared on Instagram, 30 of the 35 photos show young women and just 5 guys appear in any of the photos.

Indeed, in my state twice as many women as men have been vaccinated by this point. (Snap shot on January 9, 2021):

This likely occurs because about 90% of all nurses are female, and are a large part of the health care workforce.

Second, my state is beginning to vaccinate qualified elderly. Because of age demographics, most of these elderly are women (women have a longevity privilege and typically live about 7 years longer than men).

Thus, we have a situation – likely nationwide – where 2/3ds of those being vaccinated are female and one third are male. Will be interesting to see when this trend starts to even out. It is entirely possible that this ratio will remain biased like this to the end of March, based on the next set to be vaccinated: teachers. 90% of elementary school teachers are women, and about 75% of all K-12 teachers are women.

For now, it means that women have vaccine privilege and seem eager to boast about it – almost rubbing it in others’ faces – with their social media posts.

I understand their excitement but this is likely to soon back fire when everyone else learns they can’t get vaccinated for another 8 to 12 months (per official government statements).

And learns – months from now – that we still are running 2/3ds women receiving vaccines while just 1/3d are men.

This is not going to go over well.

Vaccine privilege is real.