Widespread vaccinations of marketing people and administrators at hospitals

The state of Oregon’s plan all along was to vaccinate health care workers first, the people who come in contact with patients and are most at-risk of getting COVID-19.

Some KGW viewers sent emails asking why hospital marketing employees and administrators were posting pictures of themselves on social media getting the vaccine.

In a news conference this week, Oregon Health Authority (OHA) officials said what they thought was an isolated incident was more widespread.

“We have become aware of vaccinators vaccinating staff kind going beyond the 1a categories definitions, which are people involved in risk of patient contact. The key is contact,” said Patrick Allen with the OHA.

Allen said in the news conference hospitals should not be vaccinating employees without direct patient contact and said updated guidance would be going out to hospitals.

“It’s more widespread than we first thought. We are providing some very direct guidance out that we are still in category 1a and we shouldn’t be moving on to the people without patient exposure,” said Allen.

Source: COVID-19 vaccines go to Oregon hospital employees who don’t have contact with patients | kgw.com