Told ya: Teachers are next group to be vaccinated

Predicted this on December 24: Teachers in Oregon may begin to be vaccinated by Feb 15th

And just like that on January 7 comes this announcement: “Educators will be next group vaccinated, Oregon health officials

The 27 member Advisory Committee behind this held their first meeting on January 6th and will meet once per week until about the end of February, when they issue their final recommendations on distributing vaccines.

Based on CDC and Oregon public health comments, I will not be eligible to wait in line until likely mid-summer of 2021 and it may be into the fall before I can be vaccinated. I am concerned government and businesses will set up “immunity passports” (under intense pressure from the vaccinated, to do so) and cut many of us out of life’s activities, merely because the government prohibits us from being vaccinated until late in 2021.

Update: Jan 9 – Denmark has announced it will launch “vaccine passports” shortly, and this will likely be required to travel and to attend festivals and events.

UPDATE: Oregon’s general population will have access to vaccinations starting IN THE FALL OF 2021.

UPDATE: California teacher’s unions say that even after teachers are vaccinated, they do not intend to return to the classroom. Oh boy, that’s going to go over well.