Pandemic policies lead to child weight gain

The headline on this article is incorrect – it’s the policies, not the epidemic itself, that led to child weight gain:

Two pediatricians fighting the childhood obesity epidemic say the weight gain they are seeing in kids during the Covid-19 pandemic is neither trivial nor can it wait — and kids from Black and Brown communities have been disproportionately affected.

Source: US childhood obesity epidemic worsened by Covid-19 pandemic – CNN

Where I live, we went through months of closed city parks, school playing fields, state parks, state forests. Kids were prohibited with playing with their friends across the street. Even outdoors.

Public health ordered all kids to remain inside, watching TV and eating junk food. And then express shock at the result and blame “the pandemic” rather than acknowledge their policies that, 9 months after it began, have led to the worst conditions imaginable in California, Arizona and elsewhere. Their policies failed.