Governor orders public health to get its act together

Oregon vaccinations – in the midst of an alleged emergency, the state largely stopped giving out vaccinations during the holidays.

The Governor has just told Oregon Health Authority to get its act together.

“Gov. Kate Brown late Monday ordered the state health agency to ramp up COVID-19 vaccinations, setting a goal of 12,000 doses given a day within two weeks”

Public health failed us and is getting called out for their lack of planning.

At 12,000 doses/day, it will take 250 days to give ONE DOSE to 70% of the state’s population – basically September. At TWO DOSES and 12,000/day, it will take until April 2022 to achieve 70% with full vaccination. Single dose vaccines should be available by mid-year which will hopefully accelerate that to December 2021 to achieve 70%.[1]

They have had months to plan for this but rather than have a plan in place to achieve 70% in six months (or less!), they are stumbling along a path to achieve “herd immunity” in 12 months.

Civil Unrest?

I don’t make predictions but since surveys show a majority of Americans think they will have access to a vaccination within 3 months there are going to be a lot of angry and frustrated Americans. And that could lead to a new round of spring time civil unrest.

The Oregonian also say the long delay inherit in present vaccination plans:

But even at that rate, it’d take 500 days to inoculate 70% of the state’s population with two doses. That’s the minimum some public health experts say is necessary to reach herd immunity, which is the point the virus is seriously hindered in spreading freely throughout the community.

[1] I had initially written 250 days but then looked at the wrong notes and edited it to 358 days. I have fixed that error.