This confirms my previous analysis of the vaccine shortage.

Until these production issues are resolved, it appears the “general public” not in a prioritized group, will not get to wait in line until the summer of 2021 – July to September time frame – or longer. It’s just simple math.

Hopefully, production will ramp up and hopefully plans will be put in place to vaccine several million people every day, 7 days per week for the next 6 to 9 months. That’s the pace we need to be aiming for.

At this point, the vaccine rollout has been a mess. My state took off Christmas and New Years holidays and largely stopped or significantly curtailed giving out vaccines. I’m so old, I remember when we thought this was an emergency – now we just take the weekend off…

See the blue columns – this is an outrage – considering they’ve only used up 25% of the doses that have been received:

Saw this chart for NYC

Provided by a NYC Councilmember and Chair of the Health Committee

Shows vaccination rates in NYC – where they basically close for the weekends.

New York and Florida have announced they intend to fine hospitals that do not expeditiously deliver vaccinations to patients – and in New York, will cut off the supply of vaccines to hospitals that cannot get their act together.