“…it’s going to take years, not months to vaccinate the American people”

Biden’s headline quote is correct at current pace of vaccination. Unfortunately, Biden can’t do the math needed to fix the problem:

He pledged to ramp up the current speed of vaccinations to one million shots a day, or five to six times the current pace, and acknowledged it “will still take months to have the majority of Americans vaccinated”.

To vaccinate the population in six months will take 3.6 million vaccinations per day, 7 days per week. 328 M people / 180 days is about 1.8 m/day, but since current vaccines require 2 doses, this is about 3.6 m/day, every day, for six months. To vaccinate HALF the population in six months is 1.8 m/day. This is probably the best we can hope for.

More on that here.

Meanwhile, I wonder if I can reserve a spot in the waiting line for when the vaccine priority reaches me in about the year 2029?

Heh – even the media is noticing – and my 2029 estimate is spot on!

Trump administration’s goal to vaccinate 80% of US population by June may take a DECADE to complete at current rate as CDC data reveals only two million Americans have been vaccinated in three weeks