I thought Covid-19 vaccination was an emergency situation?

Oregon largely stopped vaccinations on December 24th with just 10 on December 25th.

At this rate, it looks like the general public will be eligible to wait in line in about 2029.

OHA announced on Friday, Dec 18th, that the state had received 35,100 doses. The state received an additional 12,100 doses of the Moderna vaccine on December 21st and expected 72,000 more doses by December 26. An additional 25,000 doses are then expected during this coming week. That comes to 144,200 doses by Dec 31st.

Here is the vaccinations given beginning on Dec 16 and ending on Dec 27th:

Do the math – by one week ago, the state had 47,200 doses but has administered just 20,299 of them or 43% of the total doses. To administer all doses by the end of the month, the state would need to vaccinate 30,000 people on each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Which is about 18x more people per day than they averaged in the first ten days. If they are holding half the doses in reserve (which many say is a mistake), they still need to be doing 9x more vaccinations every day this week.

For reasons not explained, the state has vaccinated 20297 people but administered 20,299 doses.

Update: This poor delivery performance is nationwide. According to CNBC on Dec 28th: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said just over 11.4 million doses had been distributed but only about 2.1 million had been administered as of Tuesday.” The explanation is (“wave hands”) that data reporting is lagging.

It seems public health was unprepared to roll out aggressive vaccination programs. They literally need to be gearing up to deliver several million doses every single day, 7 days per week.

Update: As of Dec 28th, news media reports that Oregon has received 131,575 doses and had vaccinated just over 20,000 people but would be “ramping up” . Even if they are holding half the doses in reserve – which is not a good idea since dose #1 is said to exceed 50% efficacy – they are still much below the pace where they need to be.

Update: In Wisconsin, due to human error, they threw away 500 doses of Moderna vaccine. Nice to see this in an emergency. UPDATE: This was deliberate destruction of the vials, not human error.