Right on queue: The Washington Post advocates we start wearing Star of David armbands

But it will take many months before we reach the end of this perilous journey, and the public is increasingly losing patience with broad restrictions on day-to-day life. So as more and more people are vaccinated, it’s time to carefully design a system of “immunity passports.”


As vaccination is rolled out and we learn more about immunity after natural infection, providing the option of an immunity passport to those who choose to receive one can increase freedom of movement for passport holders and accelerate broader social and economic recovery. As universal vaccination becomes available, passports will help everyone, not just the lucky few, move from fear to freedom.

Source: Opinion | Immunity passports can help us open the economy safely – The Washington Post

The column is written by the former CDC Director and a human rights attorney.

From the comments, most people recognize this for what is: “The Mark of the Beast”, “The Star of David armband”, and the creation of society outcasts. And immunity passports for the elite and the privileged.

As I said just a week ago, the political pressure to open up society to the elites and the early vaccine privileged will be immense – and it has already begun.

Most are based around a smart phone app – which implies all travelers will be required to have a smart phone, and possibly wireless service access, where traveling. This further divides society into the haves and have nots.


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