Reality check: Essentially no one has been vaccinated yet

Oregon reports 7,203 doses administered of a 2-dose sequence – so far. The number of “fully vaccinated” individuals is zero until the 2nd dose is given.

As of today, 0.17% (that is less than 1/5th of 1%) of the state’s population has been vaccinated with the first dose.

Public health officials and the media are greatly exaggerating where we are in this process. We are basically at day number one of a year long process. It may be early January before we cross the 1% first dose threshold. Fortunately, the pandemic may be about to die out naturally.

Source: Oregon COVID-19 Vaccination Trends – Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 | Tableau Public

Update: Just 1 million out of 330 M have received the first dose.  At this time, that’s 0.3% (1/3d of 1%) who have received their first dose. That’s just over 100,000 doses per day. As I have written in the past, we need to be pushing up to 2 million vaccinations per day and preferably, once this ramps up (if it does), we should be doing 3 to 4 million per day, minimum. If we thought this was a serious life threatening emergency.

Heh: Apparently they’ve run out of politicians and “officials” to jump to the front of the line. Out of elite, they didn’t’ know what do next!