What happened to California?: “Was California too strict”?

Once seen as a model for managing the pandemic, California is now in crisis.

The Golden State is reporting the fourth-highest rate of new COVID-19 cases per capita in the country, and the state’s hospitals are overwhelmed and considering rationing care. Several regions have gone under new stay-at-home orders in recent weeks, but compliance appears to be low.

How did it all go wrong for the state that issued the nation’s first stay-at-home order in March and imposed some of the country’s toughest restrictions? One possible explanation: The state and its counties have been too strict for their own good.


“It feels like during this whole pandemic, the people in charge have been acting like this is an experiment in a lab at Stanford,” he said. “It’s all about, ‘How can we win the COVID death rate race,’ with no regard given to any other real-world concern that impacts society like livelihoods, well-beings and mental health.”

Source: As COVID-19 explodes, was California too strict for its own good?

Public health mitigations in California failed and may have worsened the current situation. Read the article.

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