A trillion here, a trillion there

Congress passed another huge borrowing bill to put all of us in life long debt. A trillion here and a trillion there. This, to compensate for the economic damage done by public health policy decisions, they say.

Meanwhile, the government spent very low billions to accelerate vaccine development and manufacturing.

What if we had doubled, tripled or quadrupled the spending on vaccine development, manufacturing and distribution so everyone was vaccinated by spring of 2021 – instead of end of year 2021 – and we had a real economy functioning and our kids back in school again?

This approach would have cost far less and killed far fewer people.

At this point, “Stay Home. Save Lives. Don’t Kill Grandma” was neither the goal nor the purpose as 15 days to flatten the curve became 18 months and trillions of dollars spent – leading to significant tax hikes in the future and loss of freedoms.