Reality: Biden’s Surgeon General nominee says public vaccine access not likely until mid-summer into the Fall of 2021

Incoming US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Sunday warned Americans “to be realistic about the timeline” of the coronavirus vaccine distribution plan, saying widespread vaccination might not occur until ‘mid-summer, early fall.”

“When it comes to the vaccine timeline, we all want the vaccine to be delivered as quickly, as fairly as possible, and you can be sure that every day and night, that myself and others on the Biden team are working toward that,” Murthy said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“But we also want to be realistic about the timeline,” he continued. “I think that if everything goes well, that we may see a circumstance where by late spring, people who are in lower-risk categories can get this vaccine. But that would really require everything to go exactly on schedule. I think it’s more realistic to assume that it may be closer to mid-summer, early fall when this vaccine makes its way to the general population.”

Source: Incoming surgeon general says widespread coronavirus vaccination may not happen until ‘mid-summer, early fall,’ extending the timeline by months

Gee, who else has been saying this?

Seeing these timelines in other countries makes it look like US public health authorities and politicians have been deliberately setting incorrect expectations.