“Biden advisers warn Trump mass vaccine timeline may be too optimistic”

It might not be until the late summer or early fall before the vaccine begins to be widely available to the general public, said another physician close to the transition, speaking on background because they are not authorized to discuss the matter.

Source: Biden advisers warn Trump mass vaccine timeline may be too optimistic

And NBC:  

The U.S. ordered enough of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses to inoculate 150 million people. [by June 30th, 2021]

I’m just hoping <insert magic happens> occurs at some point. Our Governor extend her Declaration of Emergency until March and you know this will continue now until vaccines are widely deployed.

When will you get a vaccine: likely not until summer of 2021


  • 15 days to flatten the curve!
  • Oh, may be a month
  • Two months
  • Okay, at least 3 months
  • Well, until a vaccine is available
  • Wait, we do not trust vaccines – need to evaluate it ourselves, says Oregon
  • It is a mystery why people say they will not get vaccinated…

(Basic idea for that was originally seen on social media.)