The general public will not be vaccinated until the summer of 2021.

All the details are here – the only path known at this time delivers vaccines to the general (non-prioritized group) public in the U.S.  in the June to September time frame and assumes everything between now and then works smoothly. Starting in June, it will take months to administer to tens of millions of people (assuming most people wish to be vaccinated).

Public health and the media have created a public communication fiasco where far, far, far too many believe the pandemic is nearly over, and vaccines will be available to all within just a few months.

The reality, as described in the link above, is that most of us will not see access until the summer of 2021.

“15 days to flatten the curve” has become 18 months.

By then, the pandemic may have gone endemic on its own and people just say to hell with it and get on with life. The 1968 global influenza pandemic ended this way – burning itself out before the new flu vaccine could be widely distributed. This is not entirely crazy and several respected scientists have said this too – that this pandemic ends, like all prior ones have done, on its own, in 1H 2021.

Another bit of confusion – the Federal government will ensure that vaccines are “free”. However, your free $10 value vaccine may cost you $50 or $150 depending on where you get it. The Feds note the vaccine itself is paid for by the government – but you may be charged for staff labor for administration. Who knows? This is another public health communication fiasco in the making.