Tech companies pushing “immunity passports”

Just a few days I posted this: “Immunity passports” have troubling implications | Coldstreams Business and Tech

The NY Times reported on this topic a few days later.

Tech companies are pushing digital app-based “immunity passports”. Seems everyone is concerned about privacy issues.

And no one is concerned about the obvious violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Literally, these apps would give some people more freedom than others.  If you don’t have a passport, you may be denied access to domestic and international air travel, trains, light rail, buses, interior spaces including museums or government offices, even indoor dining at restaurants and bars, or attendance at sporting events.

You might also have to pay – at your own expense – to be Covid-19 tested. You might be denied the right to congregate in groups (unless you are protesting). These apps could be launched within months, well before much of the world has an opportunity to be vaccinated.

And what if you have severe allergic reactions to the vaccines or are unable to take a vaccine for medical reasons?

Hey, let’s make people who don’t have a vaccine yet (because they are last in line) wear a Star of David armband!

Unfortunately, the political pressure to do this is going to be immense.

Update: Australian government and several airlines say they intend to require immunity passports to enter Australia. No details or timeframe on implementation.