Will information systems be able to collect and track the vaccination records for hundreds of millions?

Doubt it, based on past experience:

But Hannan says the US immunization data collection systems at the state level are prepared to manage the expected crush of information from an unprecedented mass vaccination campaign like the one the country is about to start. Most tools were in place even before the pandemic hit.

Source: Multidose COVID-19 vaccines will test state tracking systems – The Verge

My state is famous for its Cover Oregon ACA health exchange albeit for the wrong reasons. After spending $450 million dollars on the agency, it never enrolled a single person and was shut down as a failed information system.

There is a long history of failed information systems. Will they be able to successfully track millions of vaccinations? We should all be worried about this as it could create another vaccine distribution bottleneck. The organization responsible for the Cover Oregon mess is also now responsible for the vaccination tracking. What could go wrong?

This year, as unemployment claims shot up in the spring, the state’s unemployment information system totally failed. They still have not fully caught up as individuals have waited 8 months for unemployment checks. Oregon is the last state in the country to be mailing unemployment checks.

Last spring, as the pandemic began, the Oregon Health Authority was overwhelmed with tracking positive test cases, deaths, hospitalizations and so on. Then, the numbers were small. Turns out the people responsible for managing epidemics had only managed past epidemics having just over 500+ patients. They were way behind in the ability to scale up.

Now, states must track up to millions of vaccinations – keeping tracking of when individuals need a 2nd dose and ensuring they track the correct vaccine used, and provide ways to send reminders to get the second dose. The data is also logged with the Federal government, in part to track vaccine effectiveness and adverse events. Eventually this data may be used to create “Freedom Passports” to prove that you have been vaccinated.

Many states say they are ready – while others are still working on the details.

Based on our state’s history of failed information systems (there are more than the above list), this problem could become a bottleneck to vaccine distribution. Let’s hope its been solved in advance.