“Experts” say schools may remain closed until at least the end of 2021

There are, however, reasons to believe that R-0 will be very low by next spring but let’s keep schools closed forever:

Several experts have expressed hopes that a vaccine could be available for children before the start of the new school year, putting an end to the disruptions in learning. One is Evan Anderson, a pediatrician at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, who co-wrote an article published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in September that pushed for pediatric trials to begin immediately.

But, Anderson said, the window is quickly closing for those younger than 12 who have not yet been included in the trials.

“The window is closing on any chance of getting an approved vaccine for children before next school year, and it realistically may have already closed,” he told The Washington Post.

Source: When will children get a coronavirus vaccine, and how will it affect school? – The Washington Post


  • 15 days to flatten the curve
  • Well, may be a month
  • Nope, two months
  • Oh heck, 3 months
  • “We need to wait until there is a vaccine”
  • “We don’t trust the vaccine”

The virus is mostly mild in children with mortality potentially on par with other viruses in children each winter. If all or most adults are vaccinated, who are we protecting by keeping children out of school? I am not following the logic other than we are seeking a “zero risk” policy – which is not possible as keeping schools closed for 14 more months will cause other serious problems.