Possibly good news?

Too early to tell but as I observed earlier, the slope of the curve has been flattening.

Caveats: This is a holiday week and it is possible fewer people got tested or there is a delay in reporting – the CDC does not seem to draw a similar chart of total tests administered or total number of people tested (one person can have multiple tests so both data points should be observed). Second, with much holiday travel, some think new cases will increase again in another week.

Not surprisingly, as deaths lag new cases (you get sick, you may be hospitalized, you may go to an ICU, you may die), deaths are increasing as they lag behind the peak in new cases. The news media will turns its focus to a daily count of deaths increasing – their primary function is to keep society in constant state of fear and anxiety.

Also, the Kinsa model map has dropped to 9 states having an accelerating trend. This is down from near 20 a couple of weeks ago.

Globally, here are charts from WHO.

For USA, alone – WHO’s charting also suggests the US has just passed its peak in the 3rd wave.

On a separate chart, the Americas are tracking about 2 weeks behind Europe, which peaked about 2 weeks ago. Of course, we have no way of knowing if the holiday activities will cause a resurgence – the experts say it will but they’ve been wrong about much so far.