Advice to all children – you have a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and not answer their questions:

Next week, when children return to school, their regular daily health checks will include questions about whether they attended gatherings outside their households, Gov. Phil Scott said Tuesday.

Any students who attend events with more than just their immediate household will be required to take online classes for a two-week quarantine period, or to quarantine for a week and then have a negative COVID-19 test, Scott said.

Source: Vermont schools will ask students if they celebrated at home

Asking children to snitch on their families is appalling – and then punishing the children for issues outside their control. Gov. Phil Scott is being a jerk.

Based on actual experience, I do not believe children should ever answer questions from school administrators or teachers when the questions are not related to school activities. If the questioning is necessary, it must done with a parent or other authorized adult representative present. ALWAYS.