Already proven false: “Study: If 70% of people wore masks, the COVID-19 pandemic would end”

According to my state’s public health department, in a report issued on October 8th, the state had an 84% face mask compliance. According to CMU’s COVIDcast research project, my state now has an 89% compliance rate.

Their research also found that nationally, there is an 89% compliance rate (and that included areas that had no face mask mandate).

The green line shows what happened in my state – face masks have been required since July 1. In other words, the study was provably false the day it was published.

Yet cases have continued to explode in number. Their paper should never have been published and should be retracted.

A recent analysis of studies on mask usage indicates that the coronavirus pandemic could end if 70% of people wore face masks. The article was published this week by the American Institute of Physics.

Source: Study: If 70% of people wore masks, the COVID-19 pandemic would end | KUTV

Their research paper never looked at any real world data. It instead summarized studies about different types of masks, almost of which are based on models.

Real science works by forming an hypothesis and then collect experimental data from the real world to try and reject the null hypothesis. Real world data (90+/-% compliance and exploding cases nearly worldwide) shows that the paper’s thesis is false.

Note that the mediots were too stupid to note that the 70% figure was long since surpassed and renders the study moot.

I have asked REPEATEDLY and  have been 100% ignored by public health: If face masks work, what is a unified theory explaining the massive increase in new cases months after face mask mandates went in to effect?

Update: All of the populated areas of California had strict face mask mandates in effect since mid-April to May 1st. The entire state by June. Media proclaimed that California had done “everything right” unlike New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas and so on. Now, cases are out of control again. The only way to explain this – its happened everywhere now – is that over the course of time, the pandemic policies do not work are or not sustainable.