Brilliant: New Mexico shuts down businesses having 4 or more employees test positive within 14 days

The criteria – four – is independent of employer size and whether the employee contracted Covid-19 at work or off the job. If an employer has 4 or more workers test positive within 2 weeks, the employer is closed for two weeks. There’s a list if you want to see the impact – as of 11/25/2020, the list shows 5 Walmart stores and their Distribution Center exceeding the threshold.

Any “food and drink establishment,” “place of lodging,” “retail space,” or “essential business” (other than those which meet the definition of a healthcare operation, utility, or media service) in which members of the public regularly visit, must immediately close for 14 days if there are four or more rapid responses within the last 14 days.

The effect is that New Mexico is closing grocery stores. What could possibly go wrong?

Source: State shuts down dozens of essential businesses because of COVID cases