Group advocates color coded Covid alert system, with volume set up to 11

Yep. Set the knob to 11 because other’s don’t go that loud:

Resolve to Save Lives, proposed a four-tiered, color-coded system ranging from “4 — Red — Very High Risk” to “1 — Green — Lower Risk.” Given the scale of transmission in the US at the moment, these levels may not be enough. A fifth level — an emergency circuit breaker call to action — may be needed to slam the breaks and stop transmission, in order to protect hospitals and health care workers from becoming overwhelmed.

Source: We need a nationwide Covid alert-level system to save lives and restore jobs, former CDC director says – KTVZ

When the evidence shows most actions have not worked, long term, the solution is to do more of the same, only now in Technicolor! Because the virus doesn’t like colors (or apparently daylight, hence the night time curfews!)